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Team work


Teamwork is the key

Celtic Computer Services is a client oriented computer business delivering prompt and efficient service to all markets.


We strive to provide a cost effective total network solution to the small business market.


We can provide a complete package to suit your needs, from domain names to web hosting and from a single workstation to a full server network solution. Teaming with Celtic Computers will solve all your computer problems.

Standard Workstation.

Intel i5 CPU, integrated video, 8gig RAM, 250gig SSD hard drive, DVD Burner, Windows 7 Pro.

Home Computer.

Intel i5 CPU, Integrated Video, 8gig RAM, 500gig SSD hard drive + 1TB storage Drive, DVD Burner. Windows 7 Pro.

SSD Hard Drives.

No moving parts, low power comsumption, very Fast.

Image your laptop to a new SSD hard drive and breath new life into a slow machine.